Branding, Product Design, Education HourSchool

Hour School provides the opportunity to bring peer-driven learning to different social groups, whether it be a network of friends, individuals in the social services system, or unfamiliar coworkers at a large organization.

As an original team member and the primary visual designer, I developed Hour School's visual brand identity and played a key role in transforming the existing Hour School user experience.

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Branding, Web & Mobile UI Design, iPhone, Social Experience Can We Meet

Can We Meet revolutionizes the nightlife experience by allowing you to find interesting people and share in the fun with everyone live at the club. On the Can We Studios platform, Can We Meet focuses on the ephemeral quality of real life social connections and seeks to enhance those connections while they grow.

On a team with a product strategist, technologist, and project manager, I led the visual design effort and developed the visual brand identity, the mobile UI design, and the various digital and physical marketing collateral to promote the mobile app.

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Branding, Web & Mobile UI Design, E-Commerce College Book Renter

College Book Renter is a textbook rental e-commerce site looking for a competitive edge in their market. Our team's goal was to bring an easy, convenient, and no-nonsense user experience to reality.

I transformed their existing brand identity from visual mark to core messaging to reflect the goals we wanted to achieve, and worked with an interaction designer to create an integrated renting experience on the web and on mobile devices.

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UI Design, Social Engagement Services Socialware

Socialware enables leading Financial Services companies to build relationships through comprehensive social business management solutions.

Our team worked with Socialware to create a new product named Voices that provides overburdened sales people with social marketing tools that efficiently (and compliantly) engage a broader target audience. As a visual designer, I played a part in making sure the product was usable, effective, and desirable. Go to Socialware

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BlingBling, Art Bunny Bonus

The Bunny Bonus is a study of the excesses of luxury, and the often painful attraction to decadence.

Over the course of a month, I hand-encrusted nearly 5,000 Swarvoski crystal rhinestones to a leather bunny mask; and then modeled the mask with a custom-made oversized latex hood to further push the perception of luxury.

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Typography, Art Dropshadows: IRL

As a reaction to the often nonsensical use of drop shadows on many digital user interfaces, I created a composition which integrally required drop shadows to become legible by slicing .25" thick foamcore sheets into the negative space of a custom-designed typeface.

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Illustration, Performance Posters Jeremy Current

On occasion I get requests to create promotional poster designs for various musicians.

Jeremy Current was one such artist, and in listening to his music, I created a visual composition inspired by his sound.

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Illustration, 3D Game Design Fireflies

Fireflies is a 3D anaglyph game that embraces the nostalgia of frolicking outdoors at night while catching fireflies. Originally created for Kokoromi's Gamma 3D exhibition in 2008 with Lee Byron, Fireflies was featured in a number of other interaction design festivals and was awarded Best in Show at Pittsburgh's AIGA annual design competition..

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Branding, Marketing, Packaging Design Narcissus

Narcissus is a conceptual brand for sexual paraphernalia. The brand's distinctive presence is developed through its use of the history of sexual culture in brand mark, messaging, marketing collateral, and packaging design.

The belief is that by helping a contemporary audience understand that sexual devices are already an existing part of their cultural heritage, they will become more naturally receptive and comfortable with it.

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